Plush Naturals

Posted on: May 5, 2011

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Human minds perceive bigger as better, but does this ring true in all applications? I think not, however when it comes to a majority of consumables I would beg to differ the answer is yes! How often have you heard your friends boast about that amazing 2oz fillet Mignon? Never! They tell you about the Texas sized T-bone they devoured at “_______” steakhouse! What’s my point you may ask, my point is that you want your business to be the “_______”. You want buzz created and you are hungry for that business.

I have always been a strong believer in value; provide the customer the best products at the best price and sales will follow. I have applied this view when approaching some of my biggest clients which has proven successful over and over again. Recently soap struck my interest, not just any soap, “The Soap”. In the natural soap industry for decades a few big name soap companies dominated this market; I tried their bars, critiqued their ingredients and gagged at the prices they were charging! I love soap, especially natural soap, and wanted to make it more affordable to the everyday consumer, but not just affordable, desirable. I wanted to make my soaps the “Texas sized T-Bone”!

In 2009 Plush Naturals ( was founded, not as a profit center but as a buzz center. The name says it all, the bars follow through on the promise and the instant buzz and satisfaction are established with the consumer every time they pick up a bar, take in the aromas and put it in their oh so sacred shopping cart! Big value, big quality and big satisfaction are some of the key components to a buzz worthy company whether you are selling apples, oranges or shampoos… keep the three “bigs” in mind!


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